Display Selection

Is a transparent LED display visible during the daytime?  

The average daytime brightness is 5000nit. The ClearLED transparent LED display is a minimum of 6000nit. This means that even in direct sunlight, the ClearLED display will be visible.

How do I determine the pixel pitch and transparency requirements for my ClearLED display?

Pixel pitch indicates the space between each light, e.g., P5 means 5mm between each LED, so the higher the pixel pitch (i.e., the bigger the gap between LEDs), the more transparent the LED screen is. However, there are two other factors to consider when determining the right transparent LED display for your application: the resolution of the displaying content and the most frequent viewing distance of your display. If viewing is typically from a distance, then P10 will provide adequate resolution and the maximum transparency (~68%). For close up viewing, the P5 will provide the highest resolution and ~75% transparency. P8 is a middle ground option that covers distant and close up viewing of your ClearLED display sign.

What is the viewing angle for a transparent LED display?

The viewing angle is 120-degree range.

How do I calculate the resolution of an LED display?

The resolution of a transparent LED display is calculated using the pixel pitch and dimensions of the display. Pixel pitch indicates the space between each light, e.g., P5 means 5mm between each LED. If your display is 960mm x 400mm, calculate the resolution as follows: 960/5 and 400/5 = the resolution.

Can I use ClearLED displays to create a two-sided display  

Yes. Double-sided LED displays can be created by binding two displays together, back to back. Please note that double-sided displays loose some of their transparency.


How do I get technical support for my ClearLED advertising display  

Our head office is based in Vancouver, Canada, and we are ready to provide technical support to help with the installation and maintenance of your LED display. You can reach us at +1 800 497 0088 or info@clearled.com.


Can I use a PC or a Mac to program my transparent ClearLED screens?

No. The software used to program your LED displays is PC based only.

What digital signage signals are the ClearLED displays compatible with?  

The ClearLED transparent LED screens are compatible with standard digital signage signals. Digital inputs include: HD, WXGA, WUXGA), HVI, HDVI and accept all standard media file formats: jpg, MOV, MP4.

Can I program my transparent LED display remotely?  

Remote programming of your ClearLED display signs can be achieved by installing third party digital signage software. You may want to check out Digital Signage as a free option.

How many control boxes do I need to manage my ClearLED displays?  

Normally one control box is enough for displays up to 100 square meters/1076 square feet in size.  

Design + Installation

Can ClearLED technicians handle the full installation of my ClearLED transparent LED display?

We offer custom design, manufacturing, and project management of your ClearLED transparent LED displays. Currently, we do not directly manage the installation. However, we have many experienced trusted ClearLED partners we can introduce to you in your area. They will work closely with to ensure your installation is just perfect. For very large and complex installations, the ClearLED technical support team can be present on site during the installation phase to offer technical consulting and oversee the project.

Can the ClearLED team design and construct a custom size ClearLED transparent LED screen?  

Yes, we can design and build a custom transparent display screen. We have a team of experienced designers and can take your project from concept to completion. We base our custom designs on the ClearLED suite of products and we charge a customization fee commensurate with the complexity of the design.

Is content management software available for ClearLED displays?  

Yes, we can provide content management software for you ClearLED displays.

What is the required clearance space in front of the ClearLED displays?

The following clearing is required for the ClearLED displays:

ClearLED Poster - No front or rear clearance required.
ClearLED Wall - At least 150mm/5.90" front clearance space and 60mm/2.36" back clearance space, so you can comfortably work with modules and remove panels. ClearLED Wall series modules must be inserted from front and screwed from back.

ClearLED Curve - Dependent on the base and curve of the display.

ClearLED Cylinder - No specific clearance required.


How do I order spare parts for my ClearLED high-resolution LED screen?

Our head office is based in Vancouver, Canada, and we are ready to process your orders for spare parts and additional ClearLED display sign systems. Delivery times range from one to four weeks depending on the part required and quantities. We recommend ordering in advance wherever possible and keeping a small stock of parts on hand to avoid downtime of your LED display. You can reach us at +1 800 497 0088 or info@clearled.com.

Note: ClearLED display units are shipped new with some spare light strips, screws, and power cables to cover immediate needs. Spare sending cards, receiving cards, display modules, and power supplies are not included.

What is the life expectancy of the LED?

LED lights have an extremely long life expectancy of ~100,000 hours. You can run your ClearLED transparent LED display 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and 365 days per year (24/7/365) without needing to ever turn it off and without fear of this damaging the system. Towards the end of the LED’s lifespan the brightness will start to dim. We recommend you keep some spare LED light strips on hand to avoid downtime at the end of the LED’s lifespan. Contact us at +1 800 497 0088, or info@clearled.com, to order spares and replacements.

How long is the warranty on my transparent LED display?

ClearLED offers a two-year manufacturer’s warranty from date of purchase of its ClearLED displays. In the unlikely event of a failure, please contact us to coordinate service at +1 800 497 0088 or info@clearled.com..


How long does it take to design, manufacture and ship my ClearLED transparent digital display to North America?

Depending on the size and complexity of your order, it will take from four to six weeks.

What are the packaging options for shipping for my transparent LED display?

Generally the ClerLED transparent LED screens are shipped in sturdy shipping boxes. However for an extra cost, we can provide custom  flight cases (black rolling boxes) that can handle from five to 20 LED panels/modules per case. Custom flight cases are ideal for LED displays purchased for rental purposes or that will be on the road moving from event to event.

What are the dimensions and weight of the sturdy shipping shipping boxes used to transport the ClearLED displays:

The package dimension and weights are as follow:

Do I have to pay shipping from China for my ClearLED display and how much will shipping cost?  

ClearLED inventory is stocked in various locations to minimize shipping costs and delivery waits for our clients. When you place your order for your ClearLED display and/or parts, we’ll provide information about shipping costs. You can reach us at +1 800 497 0088 or info@clearled.com.