Smart City

From interactive information kiosks to dynamic public signage, our innovative solutions enhance connectivity, safety, and urban aesthetics.
ClearLED empowers smart cities with seamless integration of LED displays, video lighting, media architecture, enabling efficient communication and creating immersive experiences for residents and visitors alike.
Public Art
Enrich city aesthetics with captivating LED-powered public art, creating immersive visual landscapes that inspire creativity, engage communities, and contribute to the city's identity.
Wayfinding Digital Signage

Simplify navigation and enhance visitor experiences using wayfinding digital signage, ensuring seamless movement within your space.

Smart Digital Urban Furniture

Energize urban communication with LED street banners, seamlessly sharing real-time information and adding visual vibrancy to the cityscape.

EV Charging Station

Illuminate EV charging points with LED displays, offering essential charging details and promoting sustainable transportation, enhancing user convenience and engagement.


We understand the possibilities of this unique and powerful media architecture. We are experts at crafting stand out displays—from concept to finished product.


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