Ground-breaking transparent LED digital posters boost sales

Ground-breaking transparent LED digital posters boost sales

March 28, 2017

Vancouver, British Columbia—March 28, 2017— ClearLED, the global pioneer in the development of transparent LED displays, announces its newest suite of lightweight window posters at DSE, Las Vegas. During pre-launch trials, these highly effective transparent LED posters have already demonstrated an astounding 360% increase in sales for leading fast-food chain, McDonald’s.

Renowned for assuring customers ‘get noticed’, ClearLED is excited to add the Poster series to its product offering to complement its ClearLED Wall, Curved, and Cylinder series.

“We have dedicated a great deal of research and development time and effort to perfect the design and technology of our new ClearLED Poster series.” says Jin Fan, Co-founder and CEO. "We’re confident savvy businesses will be quick to convert to this highly effective window advertising to increase sales and raise brand awareness.”


ClearLED Posters were put to the test by a McDonald’s nine-store franchise in Hattiesburg, Mississippi during field trials. Its forward-thinking owner and operator, Chad Williams, replaced its traditional paper-based posters with ClearLED Posters to promote McCafe drinks. The results were an astounding 360% increase in sales. “Paper advertising boards just don’t cut it any more—let’s face it, they are obsolete at night,” says Williams. “We want bright digital posters that don’t block the daylight and get noticed day and night.”

Traditional window posters block sunlight and act as visual barriers for customers; but because of the ClearLED Poster’s unique transparency, they permit daylight to filter through them, creating a more pleasant in-store experience and allowing customers to easily see in and out of stores. ClearLED Posters can display static and video content, are visible 24/7—whereas traditional window posters are invisible at night—and can be seen from a great distance. They also offer significant labor savings, because ClearLED Poster content can be switched in minutes using intuitive software programming.


Available in three convenient ready-to-go kit sizes: 42”, 55”, and 63”. This means store merchants can take delivery of ClearLED Posters and have them installed and operational in the same day. Constructed using lightweight engineered aluminum and propriety LED technology, ClearLED Posters boast 60% transparency, high resolution (>294 x 192 pixels and 45,895 dot m2), and the brightest the industry has seen at 5500nit.

ClearLED is proud to launch its new line of sophisticated transparent LED displays at DSE, Las Vegas.


The ClearLED suite of transparent LED displays are designed and manufactured by the global pioneer in the development of state-of-the art transparent LED technology. ClearLED’s unique and versatile suite of displays offers transparent solutions for every need, from window-size posters up to giant custom walls, for both indoor and outdoor displays. Sleek, lightweight, and modular, ClearLED can be configured as traditional flat walls as well as cylinders and curves. Additionally, ClearLED is energy efficient while delivering up to 7500nits in brightness—making displays visible day or night—and is available in a variety of pixel pitches for improved sharpness. Manufactured in China to exacting quality standards and with North American based support, ClearLED displays are easy to program and maintain for unbeatable results.